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A Message from Wayne….

I want to thank all our drivers for the outstanding job they do.  We would not be able to be recognized as an outstanding carrier if it were not for you, so Thank You for all you do to make Magnum successful. I want to thank all our drivers for the outstanding job they do.  We would not be able to be recognized as an outstanding carrier if it were not for you, so Thank You for all you do to make Magnum successful. As reported in our last Big Blue News, LTL continues its expansion of terminals; and I am happy to report that all terminals are now handling freight.  Our shop and Driver lounge project is on schedule and should be completed sometime this early winter.  We are excited about the project and know it will be nice for Drivers to have a place to relax while in Fargo. I am also happy to report some changes within Magnum’s management.  James Johannesson has been promoted to President of Magnum LTL, Inc.  James started with Magnum as a trainee right out of college and has done an outstanding job through his career path at Magnum. Matthew Gadberry has been promoted to President of Magnum, LTD and Magnum Dedicated, Inc.  Matthew has been with Magnum through college as a part-time employee to full time after graduation.  Matthew has and continues to be positive about Magnum’s future and works hard to help us be successful. David Gadberry has been promoted to President of Magnum Logistics, Inc. and Magnum Warehousing, Inc.  David is also responsible for overseeing HR and all our construction projects.  David has also been with Magnum since graduating from college and continues to be a productive manager with Magnum focus. Please extend congratulations to these individuals.  We are all blessed to have such a great team, which includes all employees, at Magnum. Alongside you all to make Magnum successful, as well as the best place to work in the region.

– Wayne Gadberry

Are you good at Juggling?

If you are you would love transportation and if you’re not you would love transportation. Sometimes it’s hard to explain what it’s like to be working in the world of transportation, so I occasionally associate our world with Juggling (usually beyond our experience). When I speak about transportation, I mean everything related to moving product from origin to its destination. Within this definition there are many different modes but to name a few most are familiar with, there is Truckload, LTL, Dedicated, Warehouse and Logistics. We at Magnum have all the above and each division performs their own juggling act every day.

For now, I’m going to talk about Logistics. We’re looking for more jugglers willing to learn this act we play out every day. Sometimes we need to stand on our head while juggling, sometimes we must walk a tight rope while juggling…jk but some days it does seriously feel like you did. We’re living through some interesting times and the freight market is no different. Truck capacity is at an all time low, while rates in certain lanes are increasing into the double digits. What does this mean? It means, Freight becomes more difficult to move unless you have a solid base of core carriers. While Logistics is actively pursuing new customers, we must also actively pursue new carries that will handle our growth. Both are vital for the growth goals we have in the short/long term plans. Logistics will be expanding our customer sales and developing our carrier sales this year, as our carrier growth will be just as important as landing new customers. I know full well that other business sectors have their own challenges and/or juggling acts but some days transportation also feels like you’re on a gravy train with biscuit wheels! So, if you’re interested in becoming good at juggling and/or riding a train, we welcome you to the wonderful ever-changing world of transportation!

– David Gadberry President of Warehousing and Logisitics

Magnum LTL

Winter is just around the corner. The first snow/ice always brings with it mishaps. In our business we see a higher percentage of accidents and injuries from November through March. Whether you are driving a company vehicle or your personal vehicle, please SLOW DOWN! Speed contributes to losing control causing damage and injuries. Slips and falls happen fast and cause serious injury. Slowdown, be conscience of the increase risk and stay safe. Our goal at Magnum is to have zero crashes and zero injuries. Do your part to make sure everyone goes home safely to their family and friends at the end of the day!!

I would also like to thank all the efforts of our Magnum employees. Because of your hard work and dedication, our company is growing. This allows us to provide more jobs and opportunities to advance. While we are growing, we are improving our safety metrics. Compliance, Crashes & Injuries are showing improvement. We want this to continue and improve!!

Thanks and enjoy the fall/winter seasons with the recreational opportunities that come with the cooler weather. 

– James Johannesson, President Magnum LTL

New LTL Terminal – Sioux Falls, SD

Just a quick update from the Sioux Falls terminal on the expansion plans that are still underway and getting much closer to completion.

The new office is in the process of getting the furniture installed and final touch ups before move in. Next step is the hooking up of the internet and phones on the IT side and we should be ready to set up shop.

Couple other items that are being added to the updated terminal are a fuel tank and DEF fueling station this is installed just waiting on the final hook ups. Our scale has been installed and in process of calibration to be able to start using. Lastly, we have a snow scraper for trailer roof tops and that is also very close to being ready to use. Of course we don’t want to be talking about snow yet.

We are all very excited to be set up and running out of the new office and having drivers able to utilize all the new features of this state-of-the-art facility.

Key items being added:

  • On site fueling
  • On site scale
  • Driver Training room
  • 40 Door terminal


Every year the EPA recognizes carriers that lead the freight industry in producing more efficient and sustainable supply chain transportation solutions. Among the hundreds of companies partnering with EPA through SmartWay, there are those that are a step ahead.

SmartWay Partners submit efficiency and air quality performance data to EPA annually. EPA aggregates and divides the data into five ranked performance ranges. SmartWay High Performers are Partners whose efficiency and/or air quality performance falls within the top-ranked performance range.

Based on SmartWay’s annual emissions reports for partners, Magnum LTD and Magnum Dedicated were recognized as 2020 High Performers.


Congratulations goes out to Magnum LTD for receiving the 2019 Fleet Safety Award from the North Dakota Motor Carrier Association for fleets that travel 10-25 million miles. This is the second year in a row that Magnum LTD has received this award.

Awards like this would not be possible without the help of all Magnum employees. Don’t underestimate your importance or the impact you can have no matter what your job title is. Safety needs to be a company core value, not a priority. Priorities change, values do not. The Safety Department would like to thank all of you for making safety a company core value.

– Bryce Allickson, Safety and Compliance Manager


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