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Magnum’s Own Highway Angel

Earlier this year one of our own found himself in a position to complete a heroic deed. On February 6th, 2020 at 6:33pm, Chad Stoinski (LTD Driver) was traveling down Highway 18 in South Dakota when he noticed a car on fire along the side of the highway. Chad slowly passed the car and noticed someone was still in the burning vehicle. Chad stopped on the side of the road, maintaining a safe distance with his equipment from the fire, grabbed his hammer, flashlight, fire extinguisher, and sprang into action.

When Chad got to the car, he noticed someone was passed out behind the wheel. It was later found that this individual had hit a deer which caused the car to start on fire and had passed out due to smoke inhalation. Chad broke the window with his hammer and opened the door pulling the person to safety. He then used his fire extinguisher to help control the fire and keep it from spreading and engulfing the entire car. After helping control the fire, Chad then helped the victim into his truck, kept the victim warm and monitored their well being until First Responders arrived. If it wasn’t for Chad’s action, there was a good chance this individual would not have survived the fire.

Chad’s story has been submitted to TCA’s “The Highway Angel Program”. This is a nationwide program that recognizes professional truck drivers who have selflessly helped others while on the job. Each year one Angel is selected as Highway Angel of the Year. We are all pulling for Chad to win that award this year.

On behalf of Magnum, I thank you Chad for your heroic deed and hope you have a long, successful career at Magnum.

– Bryce Allickson, Safety and Compliance Manager

New Terminal Locations

We opened our St. Cloud terminal on March 9th. The terminal will allow us to provide daily service to the St. Cloud area and the north central Minnesota region. The terminal is located at 8037 Sterling Dr., St. Joseph, MN 56374 and has 16 dock doors along with office space. We will begin with 5 route drivers, support personal and look to add additional routes and drivers for future growth.

Our new St. Cloud terminal Coordinator is Ken Peterson. Ken has over 30 years of experience in the LTL freight industry starting out as a driver and moving into terminal management. Ken has been involved in several new terminals startups and will be a valuable asset in the new terminal opening and growth to provide management for the operation

LTL East Region

As promised in the last edition the vision to improve service for our customer base and protect capacity concerns at the Coon Rapids Distribution center has come to fruition over the past months. As you have or will soon see in this news letter a new facility in St Joe MN opened earlier this month handling routes previously run from Coon Rapids. We will add points from Willmar and Fargo soon to be closer and more reactive to the customer base in that area. The terminal opened smoothly under the watchful eye of Ken Petersen Terminal Coordinator. Its no simple task to acquire a facility and get it operational in a short period of time. Many thanks to our team from Corporate leadership and those supporting departments along with the staff of the Coon Rapids D.C. who continue to support and help oversee expanding the operation in St Joseph. Magnum will refer to this terminal as St Cloud for name recognition ( STC )

Are we done? No way a re-distribution facility is set to open in April. Lakeville MN is a seven door warehouse operation specifically planned to support one of our largest partner carriers to improve not only the service we provide to them but to alleviate tonnage from the Coon Rapids D.C. to improve our cycle times and overall service for the entire LTL network. We expect to handle over 20% of the daily volume currently done at the D.C. level down in Lakeville and be able to service most terminals direct with that freight on a daily basis. Not only does this provide additional sales opportunities in the south metro we hope this facility will become a catalyst of larger footprint for our company in the south metro of the twin cities in the years to come. The same folks who helped open St Cloud so smoothly are already hard a work to insure a successful opening in Lakeville next month. We will share space in the Globus Transport warehouse.


Since the middle of 2019 there have been a lot of staffing changes within the Safety Department. We went from a team of six that had been working together for 5+ years to a team of eight with four new faces. It has been difficult for me to keep up with all these changes, so I imagine everyone else at Magnum has had a difficult time as well knowing who is now part of the Safety Department. I wanted to take this opportunity to address the changes and introduce you to the current Safety Team.


During this transition we had two longtime employees, Kyle Kemmet and Travis Kraft, decide to pursue other opportunities. We were fortunate to be able to work with them and I thank them for the time they put in at Magnum. I wish nothing but the best for them and the opportunities they are pursuing.

New Faces

Insurance changes and lawsuits affecting the trucking industry, an Electronic Logging Device Mandate and Magnum’s continued growth has required us to bring in some new faces and roles we did not have just 6 months ago.

Here is your Safety Team. Our growth in Safety is Magnum’s continued commitment to providing you with the safest workplace possible. We will continue to focus our efforts on improving safety every day. Expect good things and more staffing growth coming from our department as Magnum continues to grow. Be Safe Today!

Ken Rheault (6 months) – Safety and Compliance Coordinator. Came from SuperValu while working in their Safety Department for 10 years.

Tessi Teiken (5 months Safety, 5 yrs at Magnum) – Compliance Coordinator. Transferred from HR.

Christopher Krabbenhoft (3 months Safety, 3 yrs at Magnum) – Fleet Efficiency Coordinator. Transferred from LTD where he was a Driver Manager.

Josh Stortroen (2 months Safety, 4 yrs at Magnum) – ELD Specialist. Transferred from LTD where he was an Over the Road Driver.

Same Old Same Old

A few faces have remained the same during this time of change within the Safety Department.

Mark Stearns (6 yrs Safety, 9 yrs at Magnum) – Safety and Driver Trainer.

Bridgette Settel (5 years Safety, 14 yrs at Magnum) – Risk and Claim Specialist.

Casey Seigel (3 yrs Safety, 11 yrs at Magnum) – Safety Coordinator.

Bryce Allickson (8 yrs in Safety) – Safety and Compliance Manager


The Magnum Dedicated Division started new operation in Shell Rock IA at the Butler Intermodal Terminal in Logistics park the beginning of this year. The opportunity was forwarded from the Logistics Division from previous customer contact that recommended Magnum companies to handle the trucking aspect of operation. Dedicated will handle the delivery of containers currently coming from China to local customers and then Trans-load soybeans back to International customers.


The opportunity to expand the Dedicated footprint and be part of the newly launched International focused service is very exciting and models Magnum company’s growth plan. The partnership includes Valor Victoria, Watco companies, Iowa Northern Railway company, Union Pacific (UPN), and Schmadeke’s Feed Mill.

LTL East Region

As shared in our summer edition the East region condensed with the goal of working on efficiency and how to handle growing density at the Coon Rapids distribution center. We have established a number of new processes and have had good results to date. Possibly in this news letter or soon into the year some additional vision can be shared as to our continued plans to keep the distribution center current and fluid to support our satellite facilities, customer needs and employees. In the meantime we are ready for the winter season and the many challenges we have and may face. Safety is paramount at Magnum and should always be our first consideration while we operate during extreme and ever changing conditions. Other initiatives are under way as well. Getting paid a fair price for what we do is obviously important to all of us. We have seen many carriers struggle this year while we have been able to continue to add new equipment, software and hardware to support our growing operations. Each of us shares skin in the game of protecting the bottom line. No matter what your role each and every one of us controls a huge part of our ability to grow profitably. Such initiatives will never go away, improve on what you control and embrace new ideas as they are identified. We look forward to the new year and growing together as always…. Thanks to all for doing what you do. Have a safe and Happy Holiday season.

– Mark Heining

LTL Regional Manager


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