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Faces of Magnum: Jennifer Moran

In perfect timing for her favorite Holiday, Jennifer Moran dresses up every Friday in October, and when she’s not planning her next costume shes at home hanging out with her daughter and dog. 

Tell me a bit about yourself, Jen!

I grew up on a farm, and lived 20 miles from three different towns. I went to college in Wahpeton (NDSCS), then transferred to Moorhead (MSUM) and completed my bachelor’s degree in Business Admin with an emphasis in management. A few years later I attended Rasmussen and graduated with honors with my bachelor’s in Human Resources. I have 3 brothers, 1 sister, 5 nephews, and 6 nieces, so family gatherings are hectic. I love decorating for holidays and Halloween is at the top of the list! October is my time to shine!

What is your current job title?

I’m a Human Resources Business Partner. My day-to-day consists of answering emails, taking phone calls, conducting new driver orientation, completing new projects, and my favorite guiding individuals on how to handle situations they may face. 

How long have you worked at Magnum?

I actually started in the Magnum warehouse and worked there for about 8 years before I left to pursue a different career. When that didn’t work out I came back to the warehouse and somehow a year later I found myself in Human Resources, it’s been about 3 years now in this role.

benefits manager

What is your favorite part about working at Magnum?

My favorite part about Magnum is working with my team. Hands down I have the best coworkers! We are constantly bouncing ideas off each other to build Magnum to be an even better place to work. I enjoy conducting orientation as well because I get to meet the new faces that join the company.

benefits manager

What advice would you give to someone just starting out at Magnum?

Advice to someone starting off here don’t be afraid to ask any questions, I’d rather have you ask to many questions than not enough.

What’s something that might surprise me to know about you?

Well, I’m pretty laid back, when I’m not working I’m hanging out at home with my daughter and our dog. Although I do dress up every Friday during the month of October, I don’t think you’re ever too old to wear a costume!!



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