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Faces of Magnum:

Jeff Greenley

Starting his ninth year here at Magnum, Vendor Repairs Jeff Greenley continues to embody Magnum’s culture as a man of many hats.

Tell me a bit about yourself, Jeff!

I have been married for 19 years to my lovely wife, and together we have four children. In fact, two of my daughters even work for Magnum LTL in the Billing department! My wife and I love to be outdoors as much as we can and really enjoy camping, fishing, and golfing. When we aren’t outdoors, we also really enjoy going to Minnesota Wild hockey games, and of course Minnesota Vikings football games.

What is your current job title?

My current job title is Vendor Repairs!

To sum my title up, my team answers the phones from all drivers when their truck or trailer is in need of repair and/or having technical difficulties. We also help all LTL terminals continue to reach preventative maintenance goals on the equipment housed inside each terminal.

benefits manager

How long have you worked at Magnum?

Actually, September 8th will be my nine year anniversary – coming up here shortly!

benefits manager

What is your favorite part about working at Magnum?

I’d have to say my favorite thing about working for Magnum is the flexibility I have. No matter what it is – if I need to run and take care of something, or have an appointment, nearly anything I am able to go and come right back to work.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out at Magnum?

If something looks daunting, I promise it’s not. It’s absolutely OK to give yourself time to make mistakes, and everything always gets easier with time. Don’t get down on yourself, you got this!

What’s something that might surprise me to know about you?

I actually travel about 150 miles a day to come to work. Last fall, my wife and I bought a house in Dent, Minnesota and we are very happy with that choice – even with the commute!


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