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FEBRUARY 2, 2022

Magnum moves to a new location in Omaha

LA VISTA, NE – Magnum, out of Fargo, North Dakota, has merged both Omaha terminals to one new location within the Omaha Metropolitan Area. The new LTL OMA Terminal is located at 10611 Gertrude Street in La Vista, Nebraska. Operations have fully moved to the Gertrude Street location as of January 28, 2022.

South Region Manager, LTL, Justin Leiseth said, “Moving to this new location allows Magnum to navigate freight more efficiently across our LTL network. The Gertrude Street location has 66 doors, so the flow of freight is faster and more accommodating for our customers.”

For information regarding Magnum LTL terminals, visit www.magnumlog.com/ltl-service-map.



Based out of Fargo, North Dakota, Magnum is an asset-based transportation company with five divisions – Truckload, LTL, Dedicated, Warehouse and Logistics. With our people, equipment, and technology, we are able to provide premium service at competitive rates. Magnum is sensitive to local market needs and responsive to specific customer requirements, bringing Innovation with Value™.

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