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Five Health Tips for Truck Drivers

Health is important in any case, but specifically how do truckers stay healthy while out on the road?

This may not be something you think about, but mental and physical health are very important, especially in the trucking industry. In this short blog we’ll be discovering five key aspects to keep you healthy and happy while out on the road.

 # 1 – Stay Hydrated

Water makes up to 60% of your body weight. Because of this, water is essential to nearly all your organs and helps them function regularly. Your heart, muscles, and kidneys need to be hydrated to function at their best. Keeping a bottle of water nearby and sipping throughout the day is only the first step in staying healthy while being out on the road.


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# 2 – Eat Breakfast Every day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It not only increases blood sugar levels, but also kickstarts your metabolism. Eating a balanced breakfast can also help with brain stimulation which will keep your mind sharper while out on the road.


# 3 – Don’t Consume More Than Two Cups of Coffee or Soda Per Day

You might think the caffeine in soda and coffee are helping you stay awake behind the wheel, but consuming too much caffeine can actually have adverse effects. Soda can also dehydrate your body, making you tired and less energetic rather quickly which can create a hazard while behind the wheel.

#4 – Get Seven Hours of Sleep

As a truck driver being alert for the day is very important, especially because of the long hours driving. Seven hours of sleep is the recommended amount and although its not always possible there are tips and tricks to helping you get a good night’s rest:

Block light from coming into your cab – To allow yourself to fall asleep faster, consider using shades or curtains inside your truck for a dark, quiet place to sleep.

Cancel out noises with a fan, or radio – To avoid loud or sudden noises that could wake you, consider playing a radio or using a fan to block out outside noises.

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#5 – Improve Your Posture

When all is said and done, your posture is very important as well. Your truck has become your office and home, so how you hold yourself can impact many things. While driving, try not to sit still for too long and keep your seat high to discourage slouching.



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