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Steering Wheel Safety

Steering a vehicle is pretty much common sense right? But I bet you didn't know these common mistakes could put you in a sticky situation. Lets talk safety and how to avoid these common steering habits.

1. Don’t Drive With One Hand.

Driving with one hand allows for unnecessary use of distractions, much like cellphones, which can easily cause a crash putting you in imminent danger. Another reason it’s unsafe to drive with one hand is that if you were to turn your body to look for something or even reach for something you may pull the wheel in the direction you are turning.

how to be a friend on the road

2. Don’t Use the Heel of your Palm to turn the wheel.

You shouldn’t use the heel of your palm to turn the wheel as this will significantly reduce the control you have over the steering wheel.

3. Don’t hook your hand through the wheel.

In case of an accident putting your hand through the steering wheel puts your arm out in front of you, which could lead to you breaking your arm or smashing your arm into your face, both dangerous acts that could be potentially severe.

4. Don’t rest your arm on the gearstick.

Putting your arm or hand on the gearstick, especially with any force can end up putting pressure on the shifter causing it to shift and furthermore cause unnecessary wear. It’s also very similar to driving with one hand, you could lose control of the vehicle or not be in complete control of the vehicle itself. 

how to be a friend on the road

5. Don’t allow the wheel to slide through your hand when turning.

Many people allow the wheel to slide through their hands while turning then allow it to straighten itself when they start driving, but this also means you are not in full control of the vehicle and could put you in a situation you don’t want to find yourself in. 


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