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Safety is our G.O.A.L

Backing up can be a challenging task for truck drivers due to limited visibility and the potential for blind spots. G.O.A.L. (Get Out And Look) is an effective safety strategy in the trucking industry that can help prevent accidents.

The importance of G.O.A.L. 

Backing accidents are among the most common incidents in the trucking industry. These accidents can result in property damages or injuries. G.O.A.L. is a simple yet effective strategy that emphasizes the need to physically get out of your truck to assess the surroundings before backing up. 


How to use G.O.A.L. for backing up:

1. Before you go:

Even before turning the key, assess your surroundings. Look for potential obstacles, pedestrians, and other vehicles. Plan your path to avoid tight spots or obstacles that could affect your progress.

2. Hazard lights:

Turn on your hazard lights to alert others that you are preparing to back up. This is especially important in busy yards or areas with pedestrians. 

3. Check Mirrors:

Begin by checking your mirrors to get a general understanding of the area behind your truck. However, remember that mirrors have limitations, and blind spots still exist. 

4. G.O.A.L:

Get out of the truck and physically inspect the entire backing path. Look for obstacles, pedestrians, and potential hazards that may not be visible from the driver’s seat. 

5. Evaluate the area:

Assess the surface conditions of the backing area. Uneven or slippery surfaces can impact your ability to control the truck while backing. 

6. Communicate:

When possible, have a spotter to guide you while backing. Establish clear communication signals and ensure you both understand each other’s intentions.

7. Go slow and steady:

Begin by backing up slowly and steadily. Use your mirrors and maintain constant awareness of your surroundings. If you encounter any obstacles, stop immediately and reassess.

8. Continuous monitoring:  

While backing up, continuously monitor your mirrors and backing area. Be prepared to adjust your course if needed. Avoid distractions and stay focused on the task at hand. 

9. Do a final check:

One you have successfully backed into your intended spot, exit the truck and do a final check to ensure you completed the backing maneuver properly. 


In the trucking industry, safety is non-negotiable. G.O.A.L. serves as a simple yet effective practice that can prevent accidents and keep everyone safe. By instilling the importance of Get Out And Look in every driver, we can collectively ensure safer roads for everyone. 


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